Karen Kent
  Grace  24" x 24" Mixed media

Owl Series

Owls are a majestic and mysterious bird, rarely seen in the middle of the day. After several magical encounters, Karen was called to start painting these birds. But not in an ordinary way, she aimed to paint them to honor who they are and what they signify. The owl is a symbol of knowledge, strength, and intuition. These special feathered creatures can see beyond illusion and deceit. As each owl is painted, a personality is born. The process is spontaneous and calls for the use of mixed media; the artist feels as though these birds paint themselves. Color is paramount and is dictated by the mood of the owl: playful, smart-ass, powerful, shy, attitude. Oil, acrylic, pastel, ink, fabric, and newsprint can be found in these pieces. The artists is fascinated by their beauty and so the series continues.